About Us

Caroline Cox and Kate Langridge are a design duo from Hobart, Tasmania.

Friends for over 30 years, most conversations with Kate and Caroline begin with “Did you see….” or “What do you think of…” relating to art and design.

With backgrounds in Graphic Design, Fine Arts, Teaching and Business the two share a similar aesthetic. Their love of colour, geometry and wine led them to design pieces for themselves to brighten up their homes. Some worked and some are still in the garage but they were encouraged by friends to start making for others to enjoy. C.K Studio was launched in November 2020.

The range is bright, playful and allows the owner to have some fun as pieces can be interchanged and added to. Keep it neutral or add a colour pop, it's up to you. C.K Studio continues to develop new ranges, including a sustainable line, to bring attainable art pieces into people’s homes. They deliver fun, form and function.

C.K Studio work has been regularly featured in Real Living Magazine and has been chosen as one of 60 designers internationally to show work at The International Contemporary Furniture Fair ICFF and WantedDesign Manhattan in May 2023.